What’s more difficult… getting
someone to do something you want
them to do, or getting someone to do something they want to do?
What’s the most difficult thing to do in sales?
I believe it’s getting people to buy from you… because you want them to buy.
The Easier Way to Sell
relies on a communications model called the Yes Formula.
The Yes Formula will help you identify
prospects who’ll buy from you because
he or she wants to buy from you… and they’ll even tell you why.
This one result alone will help you turn
your contacts into contracts, sales, or
clients more easily and more often.
Your Presentation is a Profit Killer
that adds to your sales frustration…
When you give a sales presentation you:
Waste time trying to convince and
educate people who are never going to buy from you
Give away valuable information for free
Talk more than you listen
The Easier Way to Sell helps you “Ditch Your Pitch.”
You’ll get to stop all the convincing and stop all the talking by shifting your focus from giving information to getting information.
Your goal is to talk less and sell more.
The Yes Formula will help you become a better communicator and a more successful salesperson.
You’ll say “yes” when you experience just how effectively this communications formula works.
Watch your business-related stress decrease and your sales productivity increase.
Sales is a most misunderstood word.
We’re all in sales (we really are) yet few people really like to sell.
There’s a disadvantage to the old fashioned approach to selling. You have little or no control over the direction that your prospect wants to go… unless they’re ready to buy.
The traditional way to sell works when it works.
You just have to work so hard to make it work… and the sales results you produce are random and inconsistent at best.

The traditional, old-fashioned way of selling is wrapped in a mind set of neediness.
Think about these two supposed “truths”…
You believe that your prospect has a “need” for your product and/or service.
You believe you “need” to make the sale.
How would the process of selling be
different if neither concept were true?
What if a slight shift in your communication style could help you create a safe,
friendly, stress-free conversation in which sales close themselves?
What will sales conversations sound like?
Just imagine your prospects willingly
assuming the responsibility of telling you, of convincing and influencing you, that
they have a need for… and want… your product or service.
As backwards as that seems…
It actually works that way!
Welcome to a tested, simple to use, and easily transferable communications system that will move you from stress to success in both your business and personal life.