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close the deal without selling

You want an Easier Way to Sell?  Well, Join the Club.

A one-time Membership of $67 is all takes.

Join the Close the Deal Club and get the support you need to learn the happier way to sell.

Make your sales activities enjoyable and positive rather than frustrating and stressful.

International sales and communication consultant, Ike Krieger, established this unique club as a way to provide you with a welcoming and profitable environment for you to look at sales in a whole new way.

Join the Club and Turn Your Contacts into Contracts More Easily and More Often.

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Join the Close the Deal Club
and Receive….

  1. Regular Close the Deal Club sessions where you can sharpen your selling effectiveness
  2. Access to our communications and sales webinars or workshops at a price never to exceed $10
  3. Your personal copy of the Close the Deal Without Selling Action Guide and Training Manual ($65 value)
  4. Your license to teach the Easier Way to Sell
  5. Personal coaching from Ike Krieger by request.

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One-Time Membership of $67


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